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Coal, Year 2003, Source Wikipedia



The multitude of effects to all life on earth from global warming is an established fact, as I hope is clear from the links provided in this website. What is lacking is action in place of words.  All the energy summits in the world amount to only a hill of beans when there is no consensus. 

There are limitless opportunities to develop many exciting new technologies to deal with every problem we face, but alas, there are so many people spending time and effort to suppress technologies and maintain the status quo, that they fail to see the treasure trove of amazing new technologies  available, from which they could profit handsomely and help to guide us into the 21st century.  Clearly, it is time to get past the decades-long navel gazing behavior adopted by corporations, worldwide.  This website offers some of those technologies, along with a challenge to corporations worldwide to invest in them.

Vested Interests Again

It is obvious that those people whose financial lifeblood is tied to the very industries most implicated in the cause/effect relationship of global warming will logically be in the group of the most vehement deniers of global warming. Since these businesses are the main source of industry on planet earth, namely, the generation of fuel and energy, there is also practically unlimited funding to spin reality in any direction. This fact, however, does not change the reality. Since we are all participants in the pollution and destruction that continue to take their toll, we must collectively seek acceptable solutions to the health and environmental problems resulting from our actions.   

The Way Out

Solutions to any problem must be viable. In the 21st century, that mostly means they must be solutions that are profitable to the largest industries on earth. The countries and industries currently profiting from fuel and energy production can, in most cases, shift their energy revenue base from oil to solar, wind, and other energy sources, as some of the large petroleum companies, like Exxon and Shell have already begun to do.  

Desert countries can export their abundance of sunlight in the form of electric power.  There are many options also for oil producing countries in high latitude countries such as Russia and China.  Wind power electricity generation here can be exploited and sent, instead of with pipelines, through electricity grids.  Germany is a leader in this area, but other countries have the potential as well.  A percentage of profits from current operations can  be invested in renewable energy such as wind and water, so that the same companies could continue to profit from energy sales.  Once  infrastructures are in place, profits from the sale of renewable energy will be much greater than the profits presently derived from fossil fuels, without the prospect of having to pay out billions of dollars in the event of oil spills. 

Coal mining and coal-fired energy and heating revenue can also be phased into clean technologies. The point is that revenue and jobs do not have to be lost, but rather can actually be increased through sustainable options. The challenge is in setting up the framework and infrastructure for the transition, and this is precisely one of the reasons for the existence of Genius World Solutions: to assist in providing solutions to industry and governments to enable transitions, while creating more industries and jobs.

All of this is well and good, but it might however beg the question “Why should we change?”

The Eleventh Hour

The practices of the major corporations worldwide, together with the contribution of almost everyone on earth,  have brought about the current situation in which we either make the necessary adjustments or cease to exist. To answer the question 'Why?' from the previous paragraph in a few words: The changes that need to come about are not optional any more, though the way we go about making them has great flexibility.


As a result of large scale inaction, already we have seen wars raging over food, water, and land, with governments being overthrown because the vast majority of their people no longer have the means to sustain themselves. In Egypt, the proverbial straw that broke Mubarak's back , bringing about revolution throughout the Middle East and other countries, was the fact that the average person could no longer afford to put food on the table due to the rising food costs, and often couldn't even find bread, the basic foodstuff, even if he had the money. The thirty years of status quo had been endured until that defining moment in history.

Agricultural Land Fails

The same scenario above with variations, will likely play itself out in most countries across the world, as climatic changes continue to bring about more and greater devastation of agricultural land worldwide. We see the now daily earthquakes, floods, droughts, and other calamities, ravaging the planet while the deniers fail to see any relationship among events. Simply put, we do not have a choice; it is the eleventh hour, and it may already be too late. Governments and corporations are still procrastinating even while we are watching the events of 2011 unfold.

Devastation Severity and Frequency Increase

The devastating earthquake that struck Japan in March, 2011, with the New Zealand earthquake just a few days before, are a sampling of the epidemic of 'natural disasters', that even the most hardened deniers of climate change must acknowledge .  Chile has just been struck again for the third time in the past year.  Haiti, Turkey, Iran, The United States, England, and many other countries have also had earthquakes in 2010-2011.  Saudi Arabia had 30,000 earthquakes in 2009, causing the evacuation of 40,000 people.  It is certain the situation worldwide will worsen greatly in 2011-2012, because the underlying causes have not been addressed adequately.  In the long run, the earth will stabilize itself however, because in the larger scheme of things, the earth will cleanse itself of the activities which have brought about the instability; with our help or without it.  It is still our choice, but it won't be much longer. 

On Course to Self-Destruct

If we continue on our present course, it is highly likely that billions of people will be seriously affected in the next 2-5 years, based on the CO2/heat pattern and increases in destructive forces over the past 3 decades.  We have the ability, collectively to address these issues; however, raising greater awareness of the connection between human actions and the planetary effects is essential.


Those of us who are in a position to contribute meaningfully in solving the major challenges facing the world today, must act now. This website is an attempt to contribute in a small way by disseminating the information, and by offering services and concepts which when put in place, have the potential to help solve many of the most severe threats facing all of us today, regardless of where we live. I hope that no matter where you are in the world, you can find ways to   contribute towards raising awareness of the issues. We are all in the proverbial same boat, so to speak.