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Due to site interference, the diagram is located on the Home Page.

The diagram here (Please excuse the simplicity of the drawing, but due to interference with my computers and programs, I have resorted to this more rudimentary approach.) represents an alternative to the massive chemtrail spraying of aluminum, barium, strontium, and other substances, which may have some merits, but which causes many more problems than it solves.

The worldwide chemtrail program exists based on the assumption that spraying nanoparticles of aluminum will reflect sunlight and cool the earth, according to David Keith and others. However, the health effects of the entire world population breathing in aluminum et al particles has not been forthcoming, though that information is available in many other places.

In essence, though there is a great divide among those who believe in global warming, and those who don't, it should be obvious to anyone who bothers to look skyward, and employ their powers of observation with a bit of critical thinking, to come to the conclusion that it costs many trillions of dollars to keep this aerial spraying program running. If there is an inexpensive alternative to the stated claims of chemtrail spraying, with absolutely no negative health impact, then it seems a foregone conclusion that it is preferable for many reasons. In other words, if the money is going to continue to be spent, shouldn't the world population be spared the harmful fallout by using other ways to supposedly reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions? (Regardless of whether you agree or not with the concept of global warming, shouldn't we all be free from breathing in all day every day, the aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. currently used?)

The schematic here uses electrolysis to break apart molecules such as methane CH4, rendering C=carbon and 4 atoms of hydrogen, represented as HHHH. The carbon can be captured and the hydrogen used as a fuel to power all aspects of the device/system. Hydrogen, when burned, recombines with oxygen, producing only water as an exhaust product. Similarly, CO2, will break into C=carbon, and OO, then recombine on its own into O2, while the carbon can be captured separately. (Nota Bene: CO2 is an essential gas for plant life, speeding growth. Can you have too much of it? Definitely. Let's take an example of oxygen, O2, to examine the aspect of duality; how things can be good and bad at the same time. O2 is essential for (aerobic) life, while at the same time it is responsible for causing our cells to age because of the process of oxidation; we know it as rusting, as commonly seen with metals. The point with CO2 is that we are generating it at a faster rate than it can be absorbed, thus causing certain problems, even in spite of phenomenal plant growth in some areas {chemtrails are killing plants, worldwide though} ).

In short, it may be that the only consensus that can be reached on the topic of global warming, no matter which side of the fence you are on, is that the multi-trillion dollar program of dumping massive amounts of toxic chemicals on the world population is not in the interest of anyone, as we are all breathing the same air, so to speak.

Please share this In the least it can hopefully serve to spark the imagination of others, and generate meaningful ideas and conversations on this most important of topics, while at most it may serve as a model and springboard for development. [Some aspects have been omitted due to constraints of the program used.]