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Water Production, Any Environment
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Method to Produce Water from Organic Matter
Original Concept
Douglas Baker
August 26, 2014

Decaying matter produces methane. Methane is 1 part carbon and 4 parts hydrogen. The hydrogen can be separated from the carbon through the process of hydrolysis. The gas then becomes C + H + H + H + H and the hydrogen is free from the carbon. Hydrogen is one of the lightest gases, and will rise to the top of the tank.

The hydrogen gas produced in tank 2 now flows to tank 3, combining naturally with oxygen to produce water.

Also, hydrogen gas flows to tank as depicted and is used to fuel the generator for the process of electrolysis and the electromagnet, etc. The burned hydrogen, i.e. exhaust moves to tank 3 where it naturally combines with oxygen to make H2O, water.