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Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities
Greenhouse Gas Reduction System
Water Production, Any Environment
Global Warming - Fact or Fiction
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Boats by dock

1. Anti-capsize technology. This technology is available for yachts, ships, and tankers.

This design concept provides increased control in gale force winds and enables unsinkability of yachts, ships, and tankers through retrofit or production modifications.


    2. Automobile design technology. A huge improvement 
on hybrid technology.



     3. Computer security. This technology covers one of the

         most crucial aspects of business computer safety   
         and personal computing.  It involves password control and     

Space shuttle lifting off during launch

       4. Aerospace technology.  Advanced  
              concepts in (cost reduction), safety,
              fuel  utilization, weapons, advanced biological systems for
              extended living in outer space, and others.

        5. Power generation, large and small scale. Advanced
            concepts employing none of the traditional forms of energy

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